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The Lee Family Style of Tai Chi Chuan

Achievements for 2023

We started  January 2023 after the Christmas break going over what we had learned previously, the Tai Chi Silk form, the Tai Chi Flying Hands Dance form, and the full open hands Tai Chi form. Introduced the importance of a daily warm up in the morning of rolling the shoulders

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STRESS Good Bad for you

STRESS Good Bad for you Most people would say bad for you, as this is what for the past decade we have been told from the medical scientists and doctors. Calm down learn to relax, work less, take sometime out, have a holiday. Yes, calming the body mind is good

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Wendy Suzuki Healthy Brain Happy Life

It is a book that is a blend of personal memoir, science narrative, and immediately useful takeaways that bring the human brain into focus as never before, revealing the powerful connection between exercise, learning, memory, and cognitive abilities. Nearing forty, Dr. Wendy Suzuki was at the pinnacle of her career.

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