Tai Chi Course Intermediate

Tai Chi Online Course Intermediate

The Intermediate course takes you through step by step through the next 52 movements contained in the long open hand form. These are divided into 16 modules that can be studied over a weekly or monthly bases depending on your study time available to you. Each module has a video that shows Angie taking you through each movement explaining the movement, the stance, the breath work and the mantras that are connected within each set.

How to use them for visualisation of the form.
The rest of the golden principles.
Still keeping our body-mind centred.
Noticing how the body can become heavier but the mind becomes lighter.
Understanding the breath and connecting with our life force energy.
Find movement within stillness and stillness within movement.
How to look a little deeper into the thirteen stances and there attributes.
Practising been in the moment.
Letting go of the monkey chatter.
Best practise for how to and how not to move the body-mind.
The connection between the head, torso, arms and legs moving as one.

angie wood