How Do schools of Fish Swim in Harmony?

Harmony By Nathan S. Jacobs

schools FishHow do schools of fish swim in harmony? How do the tiny cells in your brain give rise to the complex thoughts, memories, and consciousness that are you? Oddly enough, those questions have the same general answer. Nathan S. Jacobs explains the concept of emergence, the spontaneous creation of sophisticated behaviors and functions from large groups of simple elements. [Directed by Lisa La Bracio, narrated by Addison Anderson, music by Wonder Boy Audio].

How optical illusions trick your brain – Nathan S. Jacobs

This reminds me of the practice of Tai Chi.

You can be a leader and a follower it is knowing when and where you choose which one to be.

Spontaneously changing from one to the other, sensing the small tugs of directional flow. How we can be easily fooled and distracted in thinking one thing and another thing is actually going on.

We are Human and have a tendency to be in groups and co-operate with each other, or not, then go off and form our own group.

Angie Wood

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