FREE Tai Chi Class with Angie

Demonstration of the short open hand form Tai Chi.
A Warm up video to energize and activate the body.
A Golden Principle for you to follow.
The beginners first set of the Lee Style T’ai Chi called “Gather Celestial Energy”
A Close down video to calm the body after practice.

Tai Chi online courses contain complete home study online learning courses from beginners, intermediate and advanced, learn anywhere at any time giving you the full health body mind benefits. Each course takes you through with full detailed explanations, step by step all the movements contained in the Lee Style Tai Chi open hand form sets. They are divided into modules with each module having a video that shows Angie explaining the movement, the stance, the breath work and the mantras that are connected within each set. There is a warmup that you can follow Angie in on a daily basis to give you energy for the day, exercises and techniques to keep you fit and healthy, an introduction on the Lee Style golden principles to use to keep you grounded, balanced and relaxed, a close down to help with your sleep patterns. These courses are designed for home study. With supporting guidance and information at and when available online meetings on the Zoom Live platform. by Angie Wood.

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