Angie’s Story

Angie’s Roots

Angie Wood was born in Scarborough in 1954 the 5th Daughter and the 7th child from the family of 12 of Mr & Mrs Robert Arthur Cammish and Pauline Bestwick.

Raised and brought up in Scarborough where she met her artist Husband James Kennedy Wood known as Ken. They have two daughters Dawn and Siobhain.

Angie’s Mission

To help make her life and others strong, fit, healthy and wealthy in body, mind and spirit.

Things that make Angie proud

Seeing a student go from the beginning of the T’ai Chi form sticking with it and flourishing when they get to the end and receive there certificate.


Starting on the path of the understanding and how T’ai Chi can help make you a fit and happier you.


Middle of the road, now you know a bit of T’ai Chi it is time to put you into your T’ai Chi and see how you can use T’ai Chi to make you a fit and happier you.


Wow! I have got to the end of learning the Lee family style open hand form, it is now time to start from the beginning again.

Passing on what I have learnt and are still learning so we can evolve together.