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Empowering people to look a bit deeper into what daily T’ai Chi practice can bring into their life.

Angie is a qualified black jacket teacher in The Lee Family Style of Tai Chi Ch’uan, Kai Men Taoist Yoga and Dao Yin Taoist breathing exercises. She has studied and practiced T’ai Chi Ch’uan Lee (Li) style since 1999, qualifying as a teacher in 2007 and studied Feng Shui (Kung Fu) since 2005.

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T’ai Chi can bring many health benefits into your life you just have to begin.


Reduces stress on your daily life by teaching how to breath deeply.
Helps to control mood imbalances by building emotional resilience.
Gives you a better sleep pattern by teaching you how to close down before bed.
Promotes weight loss by teaching how to stay fit and healthy.
Improves cognition, balance and strength by showing you how to move efficiently.
Reduces risk of falls by showing you how to connect the body & mind together as one.
Can help to manage Parkinson’s.
Improves Fibromyalgia Symptoms.
Improves Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Safe for people with Coronary Heart Disease.

Beginners Course 1-15

Beginners course takes you through with full detailed explanations, step by step all the first 50 movements contained in the open hand short form. These are divided into 15 modules……………more

Intermediate Course 16-31

The intermediate course takes you through in full detailed explanations step by step through the next 51 movements contained in the open hand long form. These are divided into 16 modules………………more

Advanced Course 32-40

The advanced course takes you through step by step through the next 38 movements contained in the open hand long form. These are divided into 11 modules…more

Tai Chi is a life learning experience you just have to continue.

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